Cannabiotix Brand Guide: Top-Shelf, High-THC Cannabis Flower At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Sep 28th, 2021 | originalslashop
Cannabiotix Brand Guide: Top-Shelf, High-THC Cannabis Flower At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Cannabiotix (CBX) is a boutique cannabis company at Originals Factory & Weed Shop that began in Southern California in 2014. The founders grew up on the beaches of Santa Monica dreaming of one day creating a cannabis brand. Their goal was to provide their friends and family with the craziest genetics they’d ever seen. They now have one of the most popular top-shelf cannabis brands in multiple states. After moving to Nevada briefly, CBX is now available in both California and Nevada. 

Cannabiotix cultivates their cannabis from heirloom seeds, rare strains, and new exotic varieties. These include house exclusives like White Walker OG, named after the infamous Game of Thrones zombie antagonists. Over the past two decades, Cannabiotix has won a treasure trove of trophies for their powerhouse strains.

Their secret? For Cannabiotix, the production of some of California’s most premium cannabis goes beyond breeding and genetics. It means implementing proprietary systems and methods for cleaning, preparing, and packaging weed. All of this care is necessary to preserve the truest form of any strain or product. Their high standards include utilizing sustainable growing practices. These include using reclaimed water and spending minimal energy on production. To ensure premium quality and sustainable standards, CBX maintains complete control over every aspect of cultivation and packaging.

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High-THC Strains

What our daily smokers love about the cannabis flower from Cannabiotix is that it’s not only rich in terpenes but THC as well. Each of the following strains teeters close to 30% THC. Considering the care that goes into terpene-retention for Cannabiotix, this is a pretty difficult feat to master. Ask any true California smoker and they’ll note at least one CBX strain at the top of their list. For many, it’s their infamous Cereal Milk strain.

To produce unique strains that retain both ample flavor and potency is truly the mark of a top-shelf brand. Find out more about CBX’s high-octane strains that might send you straight to the moon.


Strawberry Lemonade

Cannabiotix Strawberry Lemonade was born at Barney’s Farm. It comes from crossing their in-house Lemon O.G. with the classic Strawberry strain. This heady strain has a super unique terpene profile. It makes the toke taste like a fresh-squeezed glass of Strawberry Lemonade with a skunky twist. Its zesty and appealing flavor and aroma compliment its potential to stimulate your appetite. A few puffs might be insanely uplifting, creating a cerebral high that may help fight fatigue. This best-selling Sativa is popular with medical patients. It took home 1st Place for Best Sativa in 2016’s High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. 


The Cannabiotix in-house exclusive Tropicanna, aka Trop, blows doors on other Sativas right out of the gate. A distinctive terpene profile gives it a tropical citrus tang and sweet-tart flavor with pineapple orange juice aromas. And, at 28-32% THC, this potent flower might make for an energizing, clear-headed buzz that may perfectly complement your morning routine. 


Super Silver Haze

CBX’s Sativa-dominant hybrid Super Silver Haze strain comes from Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Company. It is reportedly a cross between Northern Lights 5 and Shiva. SSH has won three Cannabis Cup 1st Place awards since 1998. Its celebrity status comes from its potentially strong Sativa haze effects and fast-acting relief. Peppery terps spice up the strain’s flavor profile and earthy, cheesy aromas. CBX’s cut contains 29% THC, 0.17% CBD, and 0.7% CBN. It might lend a euphoric, uplifting feel to its robust and heady buzz.

Kush Mountains

This hybrid channels its medicinal Kush OG parentage in a gassy, piney flavor. Kush Mountains is sought after for its potentially sedative high. A few puffs might provide ample pain and stress relief. The potentially relaxing buzz isn’t so heavy, though, that it’ll knock you out. This is the kind of Kush offspring you could smoke all day. The candy flavor comes from the Blue Flame O.G. and Cannabiotix’s in-house exclusive, White Walker OG cross. The coating of trichomes testifies to its heady 25-29% THC content. High Times Cannabis Cup winner Kush Mountains is so dope, it might become your new favorite strain.

Whether you have a favorite Cannabiotix strain or are looking to try CBX brand flower for the first time, Originals Factory & Weed Shop is happy to recommend this award-winning California brand for L.A. locals and visitors.

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