Guide To Buying Cannabis Concentrates At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Oct 28th, 2021 | originalslashop
Guide To Buying Cannabis Concentrates At Originals Factory and Weed Shop

Cannabis concentrates are available in many forms, but the most popular concentrates are the ones you can smoke. To fully appreciate the modern age of cannabis, devoted cannabis consumers have to know what concentrates are and the different varieties available. Read on to find the cannabis concentrates you want to try next at Originals LA.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates preserve the total cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis flower while eliminating excess plant material. Ounce for ounce concentrates contain far more significant amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids than bud alone.

A strain’s terpenes and cannabinoids provide all plants with flavor and aroma, not just cannabis flower. And cannabinoids in cannabis combine with the plant’s terpenes to provide the specific effects of the high you feel when you ingest some dank buds. In the cannabis plant, these cannabinoids and terpenes are visible as trichomes, the tiny sparkly dust on cannabis buds that we all adore.

Cannabis concentrates isolate the bud’s trichomes and turn them into various forms of concentrates that are full of flavor and rich in cannabinoids.

Choosing The Right Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates offer the best parts of cannabis in many ways, and their various textures speak to their distinct properties. Concentrates may seem similar on the surface, and they all share some things in common, like enhanced effects and full spectrum plant benefits. But each type of concentrate possesses its own unique potency and potential effect.

Live Resin

Live resin is produced by freezing fresh flower, often using a flash-freezing or cryogenic process that preserves the most terpenes and cannabinoids. It is prized for its elevated flavor, which is due to its high terpene content. Live resin can come in many forms, including sauce, sugar, diamonds, and wax. Its deep, dark amber color is akin to tree sap, and its texture is often sticky like sap as well. The more terpenes a live resin concentrate contains, the more fluid and “runny” it will be.

Originals’ Guava Cashmere live resin is crafted from a cross between Cashmere and Guava strains. Fresh pine and floral aromas complement an earthy flavor and indica-strong relaxing good vibes. Disposable live resin vapes are also available from Roach that come brimming with strain-specific flavor.


Rosin is derived from flower, hash, or kief using heat and pressure. The process is so natural, you could actually make your own rosin at home using a hair straightener. However, commercial brands use a more advanced technique involving an industrial rosin press that applies heat and pressure to separate the desired compounds from the chaff. Regular rosin uses dried buds, while live rosin uses fresh frozen buds and full melt bubble hash.

Cured Resin

Cured resin results from an extreme drying process that enhances the conversion rate of THCA into THC, making it more bioavailable. During the curing process, flower is dried for up to 15 days before being sealed in airtight containers and cured for 2 weeks to six months. This type of resin can be incredibly potent due to its enhanced biosynthesis. Friendly Farms produces some of the most flavorful and potent cured resin sauce available at Originals Factory & Weed Shop. Their 1 gram dabs of strains like Brain Food are only $31.25 before tax.

Guide To Buying Cannabis Concentrates At Originals Factory and Weed Shop


Budder and badder are soft, oily, and putty-like concentrates, like soft butter or gooey frosting. The sunny yellow to bright orange coloring hints at the heavenly goodness awaiting within. Because of its smooth, spreadable consistency, budder and badder concentrates are often spread onto joints, blunts, or bowls. It’s also one of the best concentrates for dabbing. West Coast Cure’s Zkittlez Live Resin Badder has a fruity sweet and sour flavor with mild aromas and potentially balanced effects. The Indica-dominant Grapefruit/Grape Ape cross carries a potential Sativa kick, and relaxing, yet alert alpha brainwaves vibes.


Sauce is thick and dense and looks sticky, and starts as fresh or cured flower. Which one determines its potency and benefits. Live resin sauce uses fresh, flash-frozen buds, while cured sauce uses dried, cured buds and has fewer terpenes than live resin sauce. You can’t tell from appearance whether a sauce is live or cured, so check the sauce’s label or ask your budtender at Originals LA to find out if it’s cured sauce or live resin sauce. West Coast Cure’s Sour Lemon Live Resin Sauce is a lemony, fruit-forward, potentially energizing Sativa that might uplift and inspire. Users may enjoy this strain for daytime use.


The term sugar applies to any concentrate with a consistency like wet, sticky sugar. Each strain produces a totally unique sugar in flavor, appearance, and texture, but most sugar ranges from bright yellow to deep amber in color and tastes a lot like the strain’s flower. Papaya Punch Live Resin Sugar comes from an Indica dominant cross between Ice and Corral. Papaya Punch sugar tastes like mango and papaya with spicy kiwi notes and produces potentially relaxing sedative effects.

Diamonds & Sauce

Crystalline, aka Diamonds, resembles coarse sugar typically used for decorating sugar cookies or silver glitter on a Christmas tree. Crystalline contains only a single, crystallized cannabinoid drawn from the bud’s trichomes. It’s kind of like kief but so much cooler. Diamonds vary in size, from fine powder to tiny rocks. Originally called White Widow, MX by Moxie Black Widow Live Resin Sauce is an Indica-leaning version of the classic strain bred from Brazilian and south Indian flower that comes with crushed diamonds in sauce.

Concentrates Are Clean, Potent, and Convenient

A simple way to use concentrates to potentially boost your buzz is to sprinkle some diamonds or sugar onto your bowl, or spread some badder/budder on your joint. Great concentrates from Originals LA can be enjoyed by both experienced dabbers and novices alike.  Visit our online menu to find the most current concentrate products available.

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