The Complete Guide to Buying Edibles At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Nov 08th, 2021 | originalslashop
The Complete Guide to Buying Edibles At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Consuming cannabis edibles may provide different effects than smoking flower. These days there are candies, brownies, cookies, chocolate bars, and other edible treats that come in a variety of strengths. Cannabis edibles typically contain considerable levels of THC. The way the body processes cannabis in edible forms may make the THC’s effects more powerful or useful for microdosing.

Edibles at Originals LA are consistently dosed, clearly labeled cannabis edibles, so you know exactly which cannabinoids and how much THC you’re getting in each edible product, making it easier to consume your preferred content level. Originals LA has been expertly serving Los Angeles with premium California cannabis products since 2006. Browse a huge selection of top-shelf, precisely-labeled cannabis edibles at Originals LA. Shop online or in-store at our downtown Los Angeles dispensary.

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Cannabis Edibles Versus Smoking and Vaping

Ingesting cannabis edibles may provide stronger, longer-lasting effects than toking weed. These drawn-out effects may occur due to the different physiological interactions involved. Eating or drinking cannabis hits the body slower than smoking or vaping. Some reasons cannabis edibles may affect you differently than smoking include the following:

  1. Ingesting cannabis orally delivers THC content into the stomach instead of the lungs. Cannabis edibles must pass through the acidic stomach environment before absorption into the small intestines and processing through the liver. This process takes some time, which is why it may take from 45 minutes or up to three hours to feel the full effects of edibles.
  2. Burning weed in a bowl or joint or applying intense heat directly to cannabis via vaping destroys some beneficial cannabinoids. CBN, CBD, THCA, and other cannabinoids may contribute to the full spectrum effects. But, removing some might reduce psychotropic impacts and potential benefits.
  3. It could take the body longer to eliminate edible cannabis. This is because they enter the bloodstream via the intestine and liver. Due to the increased absorption and bioavailability of orally ingested cannabis, edibles may provide more profound, longer-lasting pain relief, more potent psychotropic effects, enhancement of the senses, and aid for sleeping. 

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Potential Health Benefits of Edibles

Recreational cannabis consumers who enjoy edibles often cite the potentially longer-lasting effects they offer as reasons they sometimes prefer gummies over toking. 

Medical patients point to the potentially deeper pain relief, anxiety reduction (when properly dosed,) and more control overdosage. Those seeking the potential medicinal effects of edibles might want to seek out products higher in CBD.

Both recreational and medical cannabis consumers may enjoy micro-dosing with edibles. Cannabis edibles make it easy to take a tiny amount of THC to potentially produce mild effects. Micro-dosing might be especially helpful for relieving stress and anxiety. It might also help to boost mood, enhance the senses, inspire creativity and motivate. Medically speaking, they might stimulate appetite, reduce nausea, and provide pain relief.

How Are Edibles Made?

Cannabis edibles are usually made using cannabis-infused oil or butter (cannabutter) or THC distillate oil. Butter and oil contain high concentrations of lipids. Lipids have high bioavailability, meaning they are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and might cross the blood-brain barrier. Low-heat cooking allows cannabinoids and THC molecules to absorb into these lipids. This potentially increases the bioavailability of beneficial cannabis components. 

Distillate is the other fully-activated ingredient you typically find in edibles. With no other cannabinoids present, this oil contains pure THC. This means it might create more of a cerebral, calming effect.

Gummies, candies, tinctures, brownies, and mints are usually made with cannabis-infused oil, typically THC distillate or live resin. Cookies, Rice Krispie treats, chocolate bars, and other goodies might use butter, but also typically utilize distillate oil.

Finding The Right Dosage

It’s easy to find your optimum dosage with edibles once you know how your body reacts and which strains you prefer. How much you choose depends on your intended result. If you are looking for potentially intense effects, a higher dose may be suitable. For those desiring mild effects, a low amount would be more appropriate. Beginners could start experimenting with micro-dosing and work up to the desired level of intensity. Ingesting too much edible cannabis might be overwhelming, so it’s good to take it slow.

All edibles at Originals LA come precisely labeled with the THC content detailed in milligrams, per piece, and per package, so you know exactly how much cannabis each product contains. Gummies make it easy to find your correct dosage. Edible cannabis products range from 2.5 mg nano gummies to 10 mg gummies, mints, and other candies to 100 mg chocolate bars or baked goods. 

Edibles at Originals LA

From gummies to drinks to chocolate bars and everything in between, you’ll find the best edibles at Originals LA. We carry the most expansive edible product offerings in the entire downtown area. Ask about gluten-free and vegan options.

Kanha – Tranquility CBN

Perfect for medical patients and recreational consumers seeking chill vibes, Kanha 1:1:1 Tranquility CBD Gummies contain 50mg CBD, 50mg THC, and 50mg CBN per package, with 10 gummies per bag. Kanha gummies use all-natural ingredients, with zero artificial colorings or flavoring. Made using premium full-spectrum cannabis oil, these Blue Raspberry Tranquility gummies might provide gentle calm effects good for relaxing at night and helping promote sleep.

Kushy Punch – Hybrid Raspberry Gummy

This Kushy Punch hybrid gummy offers juicy raspberry flavor and full-spectrum, bioavailable oil packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in for a potentially balanced cerebral high and body buzz good for day or night. The 100 mg package contains 10 gummies of 10 mg each. Low sugar, low calorie treats use only 100% natural color and flavoring and are non-GMO, and free of dairy, peanuts, and gluten.

Enjoyable – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Enjoyable’s single dose 10mg Chocolate Chip Cookies are baked using high-quality, solventless cannabis oil. Consumers may experience a potentially balanced buzz with mood-boosting cerebral effects and full-body bliss that feels nice any time. These scrumptious cookies may become your new favorite cannabis edibles at Originals LA.

WYLD – Elderberry 1:1 CBN + Indica Gummies

WYLD Elderberry gummies with CBN and THC plus Indica terpenes may provide more relaxing vibes than THC alone. This Indica-dominant gummy is great for nighttime and may help reduce insomnia and induce sleep with 5mg of THC and 5mg CBN per gummy for a total of 50mg THC and 50mg CBN per container.

Find all of your favorite edibles from California’s leading brands at Originals Factory & Weed Shop. Visit our online menu to see what’s available right now.

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