Claybourne Co Brand Guide: High-Octane Cannabis Products At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Sep 24th, 2021 | originalslashop
Claybourne Co Brand Guide: High-Octane Cannabis Products At Originals

Claybourne Co. doesn’t just deliver hard-hitting flower and high-quality flavors. They also open the door for innovation in the cannabis industry across California. Each Claybourne product features a custom QR code on the packaging. When you scan the unique QR code it will take you to a survey page. Here you can give them your unfiltered feedback and review your experience with their products. They keep transparency at the front of what they do so that you know exactly what you are getting with their products. 

From their Premium Concentrates, Certified Bangers, Single and Triple Infused preroll, Powerline Flower & Kief, or their big and small bud indoor flower, Claybourne Co puts their product above the rest.

At Originals, you can find a rotating selection of your favorite Claybourne Co flowers available. Looking for some insight into your next Claybourne product? Here’s a guide to your next best thing from Claybourne Co at Originals in South Central LA. Menu and selection vary with each drop, so check with Originals’ Online Menu to see what Claybourne Co products we currently carry.



Claybourne Co eighths are a top-shelf selection of their 100% indoor-grown varieties. You’ll find their Lemon Margy strain is a cut above the rest. Giving you potentially full-bodied cannabinoid and terpene profiles and transparency in their packaging, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting with Claybourne Co.

Crossing Lemon Jack and Frozen Margy, Lemon Margy from Claybourne Co has users reporting a smell like no other. With strong scents of lemon, pine, and citrus this flower is just the right levels of fruity and fun. As a sativa, Lemon Margy might serve up the right dose of energy and arousal to keep your day moving forward with flavor. 


Fire MAC brings the heat with this killer cross between White Fire and the original MAC. It brings us a well-balanced hybrid that leans to Indica dominance. Finding the potential effects relaxing and calming means you can sit down and enjoy Claybourne Co Fire MAC well into your evening.

The cross genetics were hand-selected for their potentially stimulating mental properties and physically relaxing afterglow. With prominent floral and citrus aromatics, and a pleasant nose, this strain checks every box for us. You won’t be disappointed with the potentially relaxing effects of Claybourne Co’s Fire MAC. 


As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Head Banger has quickly become an award-winning favorite. The cannabis strain won the 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup so it has room to brag. Coming from a heavy Biker Rush and Sour Diesel cross, Claybourne’s Head Banger produces incredibly dense, multicolored buds. With a reported sour taste and notes of gas and citrus, this flower is potent and pungent for your pleasure.

Claybourne Co brings the best of the best and Head Banger is no different. You can trust that the potential effects might leave you feeling ready to take on the day or Head Bang the night away. This balanced flower brings the loud with true flavor profiles through every bud. Head Banger has won awards for a reason; top-tier genetics and a balance between taste and true essence means this is a true original. 


As the original Small Buds Premium Ounces and packed with indoor small buds in sustainable glass jars, the Claybourne Co Small Buds are a no-gimmick option. For those looking for high quantities in small packages, these buds will pack a punch. 

Offering their Indica dominant cross of Zkittlez and Watermelon, this flower brings you a wonderfully fruity and sweet experience. Watermelon Zkittlez Small Buds Premium Ounce has grown in popularity thanks to its famous cross with Zkittlez. It has a high that reportedly sets in quickly and gets to work.

Potentially giving you a powerful relaxing head high and heavy afterglow, Watermelon Zkittlez Small Buds is a top-shelf strain. As an Indica dominant you’ll want to savor this at the end of your day for the potential full-body effects to work best. 


The California cannabis industry’s first and only Power Pack. With unique packaging and an innovative design, each Claybourne Power Pack comes with an eighth of small buds along with a 1g jar of kief and an exclusive kief shovel. Conveniently packaged in a Claybourne Rolling Pouch and discreet in design the Power Pack came to play. Versatility is the name of the game with the Power Pack. You can alternate your uses, from the flower to the kief, or infuse your own preroll with other flavors. Claybourne gives you the freedom to pick your own player.

The Power Pack brings out Claybourne’s SFV OG as an indica-dominant hybrid.  This strain might deliver a great experience for patients who need potentially strong, lasting pain relief but want to stay active. Leading you in with earthy pine scents and zesty lemon aromas, your head may be on cloud nine before you know it. That’s okay, though, because the potentially well-balanced effects of the Claybourne Power Pack mean you might find long-lasting relief.

You’ll find all your favorite Claybourne Co cannabis products at Originals Factory & Weed Shop. Claybourne is committed to reinventing the industry every day with their products and processes so that you can find something just right for you. From small buds, big buds, power packs, and beyond—Claybourne Co takes their cultivation seriously. They want to provide the best products for their patients and that means real flavor you can taste and smell. Find their freshest drops by visiting our online menu daily.

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