Dime Bag Brand Guide: High Quality Low-Cost Cannabis Products At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Sep 23rd, 2021 | originalslashop
Dime Bag Brand Guide: High Quality Low-Cost Cannabis Products At Originals

Dime Bag is all about bargain-priced, high-quality weed at Originals Factory & Weed Shop. Tagged at around $30 an eighth, Dime Bag is the go-to brand for bargain seekers at Originals. They like to remind people of the good old days when weed was cheap. Dime Bag touts itself as “cannabis for the people, for the people who just want to get high and have fun.”

A native California brand, Dime Bags’ high-quality flower is grown in organic soil and fed organic nutrients in the Sunshine State. Dime Bag claims they price their products so low because “Paying too much is lame.” And, as one of Originals’ best-priced cannabis brands, you won’t find better quality weed at a friendlier price than Dime Bags. 

Pouches of flower come with medium and small buds from Dime Bag at an unbeatable value and an attractive price. As they say, it’s “probably the best deal in the world. So spark it, smoke it, pass it, and let’s get high.” Menu and selection vary with each drop, so check with Originals’ Online Menu to see what Dime Bag products we currently carry.

Dime Bag Brand Guide: High Quality Low-Cost Cannabis Products At Originals


Grape Ape

Initially propagated by Barney’s Farm and Apothecary Genetics, Grape Ape is an Indica-dominant strain. It crosses Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and old-school staple Skunk. This classic bud gets its name from its distinctive grape aroma. The compact deep purple buds of this Indica strain might provide relaxing, happy vibes that might help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety.


Blue Dot

The story behind Blue Dot, also known as Medical Grade Bud or MGB, claims the Sativa strain was initially bred in Sonoma by a medical patient. Other origin stories source Blue Dot from some combination of Northern Lights, Skunk, White Widow, and Big Bud. Whatever its true origin is, Blue Dot’s potentially high-grade benefits are apparent. Buds are sticky with resin and sweet with a classic hashy flavor, followed by strong peppery berry notes and earthy, fruity, spicy aromas. It provides a potentially energizing high at 20% THC.


Platinum GSC

“Platinum GSC,” aka “Platinum Girl Scout Cookies,” aka “PGSC,” is a popular hybrid evolution of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies.) The award-winning hybrid was bred from a cross of Durban Poison, OG Kush, and a third mystery strain. Flowery, sweet grape aromas and flavors have undertones of candy and berry with fruity spice. Crystalline trichomes sparkle over sage green buds that potentially offer relaxation, arouse the senses, and bring on the munchies. Medical marijuana consumers often use this potent GSC phenotype to potentially relieve pain, nausea, migraines, inflammation, and stress. Recreational users like it for its potential mood-boosting buzz.

Dime Bag Brand Guide: High Quality Low-Cost Cannabis Products At Originals

Black Ice

Spanish brand The Moon Seeds initially cultivated Black Ice by crossing the potent White Widow with Black Domina. The flower features sweet and sour berry aromas with earthy, woody notes and just a slight whiff of diesel. This Indica-dominant hybrid weighs in at 19-24% THC and offers a potentially heavy sedative effect perfect for an evening at home or bedtime. The high might be relaxed, sleepy, and happy.

Kush Mints

The Kush Mints hybrid crosses Animal Mints with Bubba Kush for a super potent high-THC strain that might deliver uplifting, happy vibes. A complex flavor profile tastes like cookies and mint. Cultivators generally like to grow Kush Mints hydroponically indoors. Medical consumers use it to potentially stimulate appetite, so you might want to have some snacks on hand when smoking this one. Originals carry Kush Mints in a $7.50 pre-roll before tax.

Dread Bread

Dread Bread is a new strain. Not much is known about it just yet, so if you try this one, be sure to let our budtenders know your experience. The chestnut-flavored Indica-leaning smoke might provide energy and focus, unusual for an Indica-heavy strain. 22% THC and 1% CBG, along with rare terpinolene terps, makes for a well-rounded profile in a potentially nice daytime smoke.



The Clementine strain is a Sativa cross of Lemon Skank and Tangie. The genetics originally come from Crockett Family Farms, a cannabis genetics company on California’s Central Coast. Clementine Live Resin won first place for Best Sativa Concentrate at Michigan’s 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for its potentially happy, energetic, euphoric buzz. Not to mention its tasty citrus limonene flavor profile with aromas of grapefruit, lemon, and orange.

If you’re in the market for some pretty dank weed at agreeable prices, you may want to give Dime Bag a try. Find a nice selection of Dime Bag flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates at Originals LA.

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