Friendly Farms Brand Guide: Live Resin Vapes, Delicious Dabs, and More At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Sep 25th, 2021 | originalslashop
Friendly Farms Brand Guide: Live Resin Vapes, Delicious Dabs, and More At Originals

Friendly Farms crafts artisanal vape cartridges and dabs containing 100% cannabis extract. No distillates here, just pure cannabis. Their carts contain zero fillers, preservatives, coloring, or additives of any kind. We believe pure cannabis oil is the best kind of cannabis oil, period. You’ll find various Friendly Farms live resin and cured resin vape cartridges and flavorful concentrates at Originals Factory & Weed Shop in Los Angeles.

Friendly Farms sources its craft cannabis strains from some of California’s most fertile and renowned cultivation areas. A couple of these include Santa Barbara County and the Emerald Triangle. Premium flower sourced from top growers is then turned into genuine full-spectrum cannabis extracts. They use a live-liquid, sub-zero hydrocarbon extraction process that preserves the personality and flavor of the flower. This process keeps the terpenes and cannabinoid profiles intact, resulting in their “True Full-Spectrum” extract.

Flavors from their full spectrum resin are as close to the actual flower as anyone as humanly possible. Because the extraction process preserves the plant’s complete profile, you might experience a more full-spectrum effect that could be therapeutic. The difference is keeping all the original cannabinoids, which inevitably get lost during heat-extraction processes or sacrificed during consumption.

“Our proprietary live-liquid hydrocarbon extraction utilizes whole plants harvested at peak ripeness to ensure our concentrates contain only the best qualities cannabis consumers seek.” -Friendly Farms

Menu and selection vary with each drop, so check with Originals’ Online Menu to see what Friendly Farms products we currently carry.



Forbidden Fruit

The award-winning Forbidden Fruit extract is born from Tangie and Cherry Pie, and, as its name suggests, this extract is smoothly sweet. With potentially uplifting, relaxed highs and fruity flavors, this cart might bring on happy vibes.

Mendo Breath

If you’re looking for something heavy to lay you out after a long day, Mendo Breath is for you. With pleasing vanilla and caramel notes, the OG Kush and Mendo Montage blend might be a reliable sedative. It might be capable of inducing a meditative, trance-like state that settles upon you like a warm blanket—perfect for bedtime. 



Sour Diesel

The legendary Sour Diesel, aka Sour D, is a funky Super Skunk and Chemdawg cross with potentially fast-acting, energizing effects. The live resin cart might impart a classic dreamy Sativa cerebral buzz that may boost mood, relieve pain, and reduce stress. 


Blueberry Diesel

This Blueberry/Sour Diesel cross blends the best of both worlds in a fruity, gassy puff with a potentially mild energized, creative buzz suitable for most consumers. Blueberry and citrus flavors echo the flower’s taste and aroma in this live resin cart.

Fruity Pebbles

This Indica-dominant Tahoe Alien, Grandaddy Purple, and Green Ribbon hybrid was initially intended as a limited release. Still, the strain and flavor profile became so popular, the strain lives on. The live resin cart puffs with a sweet fruity, citrusy flavor surprisingly close to the cereal’s taste in this incarnation. Potentially relaxing and arousing at the same time, this strain might truly lighten your mood.  



Biscotti x Gushers

The sweet, buttery flavor of this Indica cross between GSC, Gelato 33, and South Florida OG reflects the flavors of its parentage, with notes akin to bitter coffee. This Tru Spectrum concentrate might leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and contentedly sleepy. It may also help with insomnia and anxiety. Friendly Farms often collaborates with Connected Cannabis Co to produce terpene-rich extracts.

Lava Cake

The berry flavors and sweet, fruity aromas of this Indica-dominant hybrid complement its potentially easy-going effects and moderate THC content. This Tru Spectrum FSO is suitable for all levels of cannabis consumers, from experimental novices to regulars. It may provide a lower-dose, pure concentrate that enhances, rather than impairs, function while potentially inducing a peaceful state of relaxation.

Lemon Tree

As a 1000mg FSO, the Sour Diesel and Lemon Skunk cross tastes just like its lineage suggests – fresh and lemony with a touch of diesel. This friendly strain is popular for its potentially euphoric, relaxing effects and power to ease inflammation and pain.

Award-Winning Extracts

Friendly Farms’ full-spectrum cannabis extracts have earned recognition from leading local cannabis industry competitions.

In 2018, six Friendly Farms strains snagged spots in the top 10 in live resin and sauce categories at the 2018 Emerald Cup, including 2nd Place for their Forbidden Fruit live resin vape pen. 2018 also garnered them first place slots at the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best New Product, Best Cartridge, and Best Hybrid Concentrate.

Imitators of Friendly Farms are out there because of their respectable name in the industry. You can trust that Originals only stocks the ORIGINALS; we accept no substitutes. When you’re looking for the official products of Friendly Farms, Originals Factory & Weed Shop is your local source.

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