The Complete Guide To Buying Glass House Farms at Originals LA

Dec 14th, 2021 | originalslashop
The Complete Guide To Buying Glass House Farms at Originals

Glass House Farms is at Originals! This popular brand is the perfect addition to the shelves of Originals’ LA dispensary. Glass House Farms places focus on more than growing huge amounts of cannabis at their massive greenhouse grow. They work day in and day out to make their impact on the community huge while making their environmental impact small.

Glass House Farms came to life 6 years ago after realizing that the legal-grade cannabis market was flourishing with opportunity. The founder, Graham Farrar, combined the things he loves to create one of the biggest greenhouse operations in California at the time. After years of continuous growth, Glass House is now an industry leader in affordable cannabis.

Glass House believes that “greenhouses are the best way to get the highest quality at the lowest cost for cannabis.” They take the power of the coastal sun and put a glass roof over the top so the elements don’t hit their plants too hard.

From hand-trimming buds to packaging and waste Glass House Farms delivers some of the best cannabis from the Central Coast. Their mission is to provide value and honor to the community they work within through partnerships, products, and potency. We are excited to bring Glass House Farms to our customers. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite strains currently available while supplies last.

Garlic Starship

Another perfectly pungent strain from Glass House Farms is Garlic Starship. Unlike strains like GMO, Garlic Starship is a sweeter tasting option for those who like funky flavors. You might find yourself blissfully decompressed by Garlic Starship. Before you know it, you might be transported out of this world by Garlic Starships’ intense terpenes and high-THC content. As an indica leaning strain, it potentially offers you a uniquely relaxing trip. Garlic Starship is a cross between GMO and Sensi Star. Thanks to its lineage, you get a sweet and savory taste to go along with its distinctly GMO aroma.

The Complete Guide To Buying Glass House Farms at Originals

Jellyfish (CBD)

Jellyfish is Glass House Farms’ introduction into the world of pain potential relief through CBD. This strain is built to potentially alleviate any issues you may have. From CBD’s potential to take away body aches to more severe muscle pains it’s no wonder Jellyfish might leave you feeling loose. This combines the potency of full-spectrum CBD with their award-winning flower to create a strain that might be truly healing. As a non-psychoactive option, it might offer physical relief and mental clarity. When you need to take the edge off or set the load down, Jellyfish might work perfectly to give you the boost you need. This popular CBD strain from Glass House is also available in 1-gram pre-rolls for even more convenient consumption.

Mac 1

Mac 1 is the miraculous cross between Alien Cookies and Miracle 15. Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, Mac 1 is unique in its well-balanced, hybrid effects. That means that you don’t have to choose between a body high or head high, you can potentially have both. Mac 1 might start with a head rush of creativity that settles into a deeply relaxing calm.

Mac 1 keeps some of its pungent aroma hidden behind tart, creamy cherry, and fresh-cut grass. Not only does Mac 1 have a heavy flavor and smell, but it is also heavy on the trichomes. These buds come topped with creamy dust covering the flower making every bowl packed like a winter wonderland. Mac 1 might be ideal for those looking for a balanced high and creative buzz.


GMO is also known by its alternative name Garlic Mushroom Onion. Glass House worked their magic on this extremely popular and potent classic. GMO is a funky flower that usually comes with a high THC percentage. It is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg that you can taste in every toke.

GMO may be the ultimate in savory flavors. Its rich terpene profile hosts notes of gas, diesel, and of course garlic. GMO might be ideal for those easy nights in. Order your pizza to match your flower and enjoy a night of potentially relaxing bliss.

Glass House Farms is a customer favorite at Originals because of its consistent output. You can regularly find their full line of products at our dispensary in Downtown Los Angeles. Visit the link below to start shopping online for your favorites.

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