Jack Herer Strain by Originals: Robust Fruity Flavors And Pure Sativa Power

Dec 11th, 2021 | originalslashop
Jack Herer Strain by Originals: Robust Fruity Flavors And Pure Sativa Power

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain named after the famous hemp activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Part Northern Lights #5, part Shiva Skunk, and part Haze, this cultivar was developed in Amsterdam in the 1990s. Originals is known for crafting one of the most potent cuts of this legendary strain.

The Northern Lights #5 parent was first entered into competition in 1989 and has grown to become one of the most influential strains in growing. Shiva Skunk by Sensi Seeds, the second of the strain’s origins, is among the most powerful varieties in the Skunk family. Lastly, the Haze parent strain hails from Santa Cruz, California. Haze has become used to develop hybrids across the globe.

This powerful combination creates the iconic Jack Herer, a sativa dusted in fruity and piney flavors. Frequently used parent strain for new hybrids, this cultivar has won nine first-place High Times Cannabis Cup awards.

Registering an average of 18% THC and 1% CBG, Jack Herer has a mild cannabinoid profile. The strain’s most abundant terpene s terpinolene, giving the strain its fresh and complex aromas of pine, florals, herbs, and citrus. Lilacs, nutmeg, and cumin all contain terpinolene. Secondary terpenes include caryophyllene (pepper) and pinene (pine).

Jack Herer Strain: Iconic Namesake Meets Robust Fruity Flavors

Effects & Reviews

Regular smokers flock to Originals’ Jack Herer strain. Reviewers on Leafly, 63% reported feeling happy after consuming the strain. 54% of those same people reported feeling energetic, and another 59% reported feeling uplifted.

The strain can be potentially useful for ailments, as well. Of those who reviewed the strain, 30% reported it helping them manage anxiety. 38% of people recorded the strain helping them manage stress. And 31% found Originals’ Jack Herer useful for alleviating depression.

Jack Herer Strain: Iconic Namesake Meets Robust Fruity Flavors

Some users on Leafly describe Jack Herer as a day-use strain. “This is one of my very favorite strains. I am unusually vulnerable to feeling anxiety and paranoia when using cannabis, Jack has never even made me tense,” one user wrote on Leafly. “A reliable calm and uplifting experience that doesn’t cloud my mind. Functional daytime medicine. I avoid this when I do school work, but that’s about it.”

Another Leafly reviewer said of the Jack Herer strain, “Jack will absolutely help you focus, if you do like one nice big hit off a vaporizer and let it ride. If you do too much you will feel like you’re on crack, at least that’s been my experience with all sativa-dominants.” 

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