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Oct 20th, 2021 | originalslashop
London Pound Cake Strain by Originals

London Pound Cake, aka Pound Cake, is an indica-dominant strain from the Cookies family that Originals grows in-house. Part Sunset Sherbert, part mystery strain, this potentially heavy-hitting hybrid offers a sweet dessert-like flavor with earthy undertones. In terms of effects, Pound Cake may impart a serious body buzz accompanied by a possible cerebral high that makes it perfect for evenings at home or late afternoon jam sessions. Medical marijuana patients like this strain for its potential ability to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. 

The London Pound Cake strain is supremely delicious and super potent. Aptly named after a tasty dessert and valued for its potential soothing effects, this bud may quickly become one of your favorite downtime strains. However, with its high THC content, LPC is not for beginners. Even regular tokers may find this strain’s effects a bit overwhelming if you overindulge. In this case, a small dose of pleasure really is worth a pound of cure. 

London Pound Cake

London Pound Cake provides a potentially relaxing high while uplifting your mood. This might be the perfect strain to unwind with after a long day.

As a GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) hybrid, the Sunset Sherbet lineage in London Pound Cake injects a juicy, fruity, creamy taste into the strain’s flavor profile. And the GSC Sunset Sherbet’s high THC content remains intact within the complete genetic profile, bringing along the potential effects that are so popular. Whatever strain the other half of this hybrid stems from, it complements the Cookies’ Sunset Sherbet’s flavor and aroma perfectly.

Pound Cake’s dense, dark olive green, spade-shaped buds are dusted with tiny amber trichomes, and they grow on long branches that take 10-12 weeks to flower. The longer than average grow period makes this strain a little more difficult to cultivate for the average grower, increasing its value as a rarer strain. 

Named for its insanely delectable flavor, London Pound Cake packs a sweet berry and nutty lemon flavor accented with a bit of extra citrus. Thanks to the myrcene terpenes, the aroma is herbal and woody, with hints of creamy lemon and fruity berries throughout. The predominant flavors are lemon and citrus with a hint of berry and a touch of pine on the nose. The cake-like flavors really come out on the exhale, and the effects kick in almost immediately. At 26% to 29%, depending on the harvest, the THC level is intense.

Dominant Terpenes & Potential Effects

The terpene profile is dominated by limonene, which gives it the lemony zest and mood-boosting effects. At the same time, ocimene delivers sweet, berry flavors. The CBD level in London Pound Cake is close to zero. Still, humulene might provide physical and mental relaxation and anti-inflammatory action. Pound Cake delivers 1% CBG to help enhance the strain’s potentially euphoric effects.  

London Pound Cake’s high is just as delicious as its flavor. Its potentially calming effects might be relaxing and uplifting at the same time. The superb genetic profile means smoking the strain might provide a perfect balance. A few puffs may deliver euphoric cerebral effects with body-melting bliss.

With its potent 26-29% THC level, London Pound Cake might provide relief for experienced medical marijuana patients looking to mitigate symptoms of chronic stress, depression. The strain might provide support for ADD or ADHD, as well as chronic fatigue. A couple of tokes may provide physical relaxation and mental relief along with warm fuzzies and happy vibes.

Small dosing might provide creative fuel for inspired projects, possible relief from anxiety, and stress relief. But toker, beware, smoking large amounts of this strain may have you couch-locked for hours. 

The London Pound Cake strain delivers a potentially well-rounded high for the cannabis consumer who prefers indicas with a creative streak. Despite indica-dominant genetics and potent THC content, this strain might not be super-sedating. The sweet, fruity taste will quickly make London Pound Cake a favorite for dessert lovers.

Buy London Pound Cake At Originals

Originals Family Farms offers its own take on London Pound Cake in flower and pre-rolls. An eighth of tasty buds usually runs $40.00, but you can find it on sale at Originals LA, San Diego dispensaries, or online for $26.40 per eighth. At a lower 22% THC, this Originals option is a little more friendly for tokers who like to smoke in high quantities, or for lightweights who don’t want a potentially super-rich high.

The small buds 1/8 ounce package provides the heavy-hitting, whopping THC content you’re expecting from this strain. At $25 per eighth, the London Pound Cake (Small Buds) offers a total THC count of almost 30%.

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