Pacific Stone Brand Guide: Powerful Cost-Effective Cannabis Flower At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Sep 29th, 2021 | originalslashop
Pacific Stone Brand Guide: Powerful Cost-Effective Cannabis Flower At Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Founded in 2015, Pacific Stone is a collective of people dedicated to elevating the industry. As a collaboration from the 805, they are people who are passionate about producing clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis. As a single-source operation, Pacific Stone delivers consistently clean flower that stands out. They are sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse growers, so cultivating quality crops runs in their family. Family-built coastal indoor greenhouses are the site of a long-time tradition and California’s best affordable cannabis. Customers at Originals Factory & Weed Shop pick up their products for the price as well as their attention to detail.

As a single-source operation straight out of California, you can trust that Pacific Stone knows their cannabis. That means they bring the heat to our menu with multiple sizes available from eighths(3.5g,) quarters(7g,) and ounces(28g.) Every bud is grown with its full flavor profile and hand-picked for a fresh experience. 

From cultivation to curing and packaging, Pacific Stone is truly a one-stop shop for consistently clean cannabis. If their team wouldn’t use it, they won’t produce it. With that promise, they only bring out powerhouse genetics to enhance the industry across California. 

Single source doesn’t just mean from one location to Pacific Stone. There, it’s a philosophy that carries over from generation to generation about the processes and routines to create one-of-a-kind cannabis. Menu and selection vary with each drop. Check Originals’ Online Menu to see what Pacific Stone products we currently carry at our dispensary in South Central LA.



The incredibly popular Banjo from Pacific stone is a fan favorite. This potentially stimulating strain might bring you a burst of energy with a comfortable buzz. When you’re looking for a potential mood boost, Banjo might give you a better outlook and lessen stress. Brought to you and bred by Santa Cruz-based Strong Agronomy, Banjo is a highly potent cross between tangy Tangelo and Boost. Giving a diesel smell after sparking, it’s initial notes are a creamy cheese and tangy, sharp citrus. 

If you’re looking for a sativa that will potentially get you going without a crash after, then Banjo might be the juice you need.  Piney and potent, Pacific Stone shows they know their stuff with Sativa dominant Banjo. If you’re used to your Sativa leaving you wired then tired, Banjo has cracked the cannabis code. No burnout means a productive day or night and the true to strain taste means you’re in for a special treat. 

PR OG Indica 

As far as Indica is concerned, Pacific Stone hit their mark with PR OG. A long time and classic strain across California, this potentially relaxing Indica does the job. This Indica dominant flower might produce a strong euphoric experience that also reduces pain. Pacific Stone has put in the work and produced a top-tier, intense Indica that indulges you from scent to smoke. 

When other Indica leaves you high and dry, PR OG from Pacific Stone might make you drift slowly. The result is a potentially calm but creative haze. Giving you classic notes of pine and diesel-like most OG strains, PR OG is a tight contender for one of the best indicas on our menu. True to its name, this OG is a hard hitter that might create the most relaxing body waves, leaving you ready to unwind into the night. 

805 Sour Hybrid

When you hear Hybrid, you usually think of it still leaning to Indica or Sativa. Pacific Stone decided to meet in the middle with this perfectly potent and balanced 805 Sour Hybrid. Potentially leaving you with a balanced buzz, this floral strain might be a true 50/50 experience. 805 Sour might start off with a more uplifting and stimulating effect. Eventually, though, it might melt into a relaxing body buzz, reflective of its OG origins. 

With its first notes of gasoline and an earthy aroma 805 Sour mixes floral and pine to deliver a true-to-its-roots essence when you smell it. As a cross between Sour Diesel and SFV OG Kush, this Sour OG is right on the line between Sativa and Indica. Perfect for those who like their hybrids to be true to their name. Cultivated originally by The Cali Connection from L.A. this is truly an award winner, boasting a first prize winner from the 2011 High Times Medical Cup in Michigan. This is a classic OG strain that medical patients love for its potential therapeutic effects.

Find all of the newest delicious and cost-effective cannabis products from Pacific Stone by checking our Weedmaps menu daily. Originals Factory & Weed Shop is the easiest place to find cannabis products that fit your budget in Los Angeles. Shop online or visit us at 6500 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

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