Originals Factory & Weed Shop’s Pre-Roll Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Dec 23rd, 2021 | originalslashop
Originals Factory & Weed Shop's Pre-Roll Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season once again and time to fill those stockings with fun mini-gifts. For the consummate cannabis consumer in your life, there’s nothing better than a Christmas morning wake and bake. Originals Factory & Weed Shop in downtown LA has all of the pre-rolled goodies you need to pick up last second. Check out our official gift guide below to see our top five picks for the best pre-roll stocking stuffers in California.


Originals came together with the famous Royal Blunts company to create a super luxurious hemp blunt. Filled with Originals’ signature indoor-grown Gelato strain, this 1.5 gram pre-roll also comes with a glass tip. The smooth hemp wrap from Royal Blunts pairs perfectly with the sweet, doughy, and citrusy flavors of Originals’ high-THC cut of Gelato. Enjoy a slow, even burn with this delectable treat that might send you into a sinfully euphoric chill. This is an easy idea for a stocking stuffer that might please any daily smoker!


Packwoods takes The Cure Company’s pride and joy to a new level with the Packwoods 2.5G Blunt. Packwoods infused blunts have garnered celebrity endorsements and a considerable following for their superb quality and innovative products. This exclusive, strain-specific Curelato Packwood features 2 grams of premium indoor-grown flower infused with .25 grams of divine sauce and a dusting of .25 grams of dry-sifted kief.

The convenient and clean glass mouthpiece ensures a clean, dry hit every time, so you never have to worry about fish-lipping compadres soaking the tip. Wrapped in high-quality hemp, the fruity cereal flavors and spicy, minty aromas explode with each toke and may produce a euphoric high meant for this most joyous time of year.


Perfect for Jay and Silent Bob fans, these Sativa pre-rolls by Caviar Gold are renowned for their potentially fast-acting effects. The bud tastes sweetly fruity with herbal notes below, and its potency could hit you heavily. Jay and Silent Bob Snoochie Boochies Infused Pre-Rolls contains 98% pure liquid THC over the Haze Heaven hybrid strain. This is a potent cross of Haze, Hawaiian, Afghani, and Northern Lights #5 strains bred by Amsterdam-based breeder Soma Seeds.

With a whopping 32% THC content and 42% CBD this sticky, dense bud delivers a high dosage of premium goodness that might help lubricate social situations during the holidays. Potentially talkative, energetic, and creative effects with a side of the munchies might be perfect for munching on holiday treats while chatting up the uncles and aunties at the family dinner.


Not to be confused with Mai Tai Cookies, this Mai Tai has somewhat foggy origins. Mai Tai is commonly thought to be a Sativa cross of Maui Waui and Tutti Frutti. Others claim it’s a Purple Punch and Sunset Sherbet cross. Whatever the origins are, Mai Tai’s fruity aroma mimics the tropical cocktail of the same name. And like the cocktail, this strain might be uncommonly strong, so beginners should exercise caution.

Tropical citrus and berry aromas hint at its Mai Tai cocktail flavor, accompanied by earthy and flowery notes. Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls level up this indoor-grown Mai Tai with a distillate oil infusion and a hearty sprinkle of kief in five .50g pre-rolled joints for a total of 2.5g of shocking flavor. Consumers report classic Sativa effects that potentially bring euphoric, uplifted, and relaxing vibes.


Cultivators at The Cure Company collaborated with the late Nipsey Hussle to create the exclusive Marathon Og strain. This Indica cultivar has the potential to boost creativity and maintain a clear head while bestowing chill vibes for an epic flow state. Designed specifically for artists and performers, Marathon OG is named after Hussle’s classic mixtapes that portray life as a marathon.

This robust OG features earthy, spicy aromas and flavors with lemony undertones on the exhale, accompanied by flowery and piney notes. With its potential to call in the muse, this Marathon OG 1G Pre-Roll makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the artist or creative in your life.

Originals Factory & Weed Shop is the best place to stock up on your favorite pre-roll stocking stuffers before the holidays hit! Visit our online menu to find out what we have in stock and place an order for pickup. Happy holidays from Originals!

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