Skywalker OG Strain: Earthy And Spicy Flavors That May Take You To Another Galaxy

Nov 04th, 2021 | originalslashop
Skywalker OG Strain: Earthy And Spicy Flavors That May Take You To Another Galaxy

Originals Factory & Weed Shop is one of California’s legacy grow operations and dispensaries, family-owned and operated in Los Angeles. We know what the famous Skywalker OG looks like and how well it smokes. Let’s talk about the different versions of this big, bright, and kushy strain available at Originals.

What is Skywalker OG? It depends on whom you ask.

Some say the Skywalker OG strain has a split personality. The strain potentially gives cozy indica effects for some tokers, complete with classic body buzz and possible heavy blanket vibes. Others claim it’s Sativa-forward, providing potential mental arousal and euphoric effects. Either way, the force is strong with this potent cross of Skywalker and OG Kush. Skywalker OG may work with individual body chemistries to potentially stimulate active productivity, or put you to sleep.

Dense, deep green buds are set with fiery orange pistils and dusted with frosty white trichomes. Spicy, herbal aromas and gassy diesel notes waft from the container upon opening. While different brands produce Skywalker OG strains of varying flavors, the potential kushy fuel and pungent herbal flavor should be consistent.

Originals’ Skywalker OG

The earthy, spicy, chemdawg-y flavors of Originals’ Skywalker OG might give most tokers a happy, relaxed, yet aroused high perfect for binging Star Wars or your favorite movie series. Even with indica-heavy responses, this OG might put stress at ease while still stimulating creativity. Make sure you have your favorite movie time snacks on hand and your beverage of choice, as this bud might induce the munchies.

Smoking Skywalker OG may provide a variety of medicinally beneficial effects in addition to a potentially clear-headed high. A true hybrid, this cultivar can strike a perfect balance of arousing head highs and body melting bliss. This nighttime strain may help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression and combat insomnia by promoting a good night’s sleep. Skywalker OG, unlike some indica heavy sleepy strains, shouldn’t leave you feeling potentially foggy or hungover in the morning. It can possibly leave you feeling clear-headed and refreshed.

Skywalker OG Strains Available At Originals

Each brand brings something different to the table, whether its price, potency, quality or all three. Originals LA takes great pride in providing only the best California cannabis to its customers. Here is an overview of the Skywalker OG strains you’ll often find at Originals.

Stiiizy Skywalker OG Pod

STIIIZY Skywalker OG – Premium THC POD .5G

STIIIZY has built itself into a full-on cannabis lifestyle brand. Discreet, convenient, and of superb quality, STIIIZY’s THC pods and vape pens are top-notch. STIIIZY Skywalker OG cannabis oil is packed with botanically derived terpenes for full flavor and high purity. This Skywalker is actually the super-potent Skywalker Kush, first cultivated at Reserva Privada. Breeders dusted a Skywalker OG mother with pollen from an OG Kush strain containing Chemdawg and Lemon Thai.

This strain packs all the original’s intense earthy herbal and diesel punch with added sour lemon notes from the Lemon Thai. Skywalker Kush ramps up the THC content to 11 for an incredibly potent puff. This superbly indica-dominant strain is known for giving a potentially balanced high, incorporating a relaxing body buzz with possible clear-headed mental arousal and happy vibes.

Skywalker OG By Grizzly Peak™

Another extra-kushy take on the Skywalker line, Grizzly Peak’s Skywalker OG is a powerfully indica-dominant hybrid packed with Blueberry, Mazar, and OG Kush strains. This expertly crossed strain has enhanced potency. Dense, green buds are laced with purple pistils and coated with milky trichomes. One whiff of gassy earthiness and the blend of Kush strains beckons, with savory notes of blueberry and tangy pine wafting from the bud.

Thanks to the Blueberry Kush, this Skywalker’s fruity flavor gives it a sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Many tokers report heavy, calming body effects and relief from stress and anxiety. A sense of gentle euphoria complements the soothing sedative effects, making Grizzly Peak’s Skywalker OG perfect for escaping to a dreamland far, far away.

Skywalker OG At Originals

As one of the country’s OG founders in cannabis itself, Originals found the perfect cut of Skywalker OG years ago. This classic indica dominant hybrid is a potent cross between the famous in-house Skywalker and Originals OG strains. Dank, densely packed nugs boast THC levels ranging from 20% to 30+% with a combination of indica and Sativa effects. Crack open this Skywalker OG bud to get intense, spicy herbal aromas atop jet fuel with a kush-forward spicy diesel flavor and an earthy aftertaste.

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