The Complete Guide To Buying The Cure Company Flower At Originals LA

Jan 11th, 2022 | originalslashop
The Complete Guide To Buying The Cure Company Flower At Originals LA

The Cure Company has been growing LA’s finest cannabis since 1996. A California staple, The Cure company has celebrity endorsements and some of the most sought-after weed in the state. From their dedication to the craft of growing to their partnerships and community outreach, The Cure Company has paved the way for the California cannabis industry in more ways than one.

What makes The Cure Company’s flower stand a cut above the rest is their die-hard commitment to quality control. All of their flower is grown at their unique two-story seed-to-sale cannabis facility where they also house their retail shop, City Compassionate Caregivers.

As one of The Cure Company’s sister stores, Originals Factory & Weed Shop receives all of their newest and hottest products. Known for their top-shelf indoor flower, The Cure Company also produces pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates and has collabs with Packwoods and GRAV. Ask a budtender about all of the Cure Co products we currently have in stock.

Here are some of the best-selling cannabis strains we currently carry from The Cure Company at Originals Factory & Weed Shop in downtown LA.

Premium Eighths

Marathon OG

Marathon OG is a cut above in both profile and legacy. It was chosen by the legendary Nipsey Hussle and brought to life by The Cure Company. Marathon OG is the king of OG Kush strains. This premium cultivar mixes fresh pine, lemons, and flowers into a delightful aroma. The citrus flavor is intensely different from your usual citrus flavors.

Marathon OG has a distinct lemon flavor that offers a tart, slightly sour aftertaste. This strain is potentially perfect for easing into a long day or sparking up creativity. Find Marathon OG also available in potent 1G pre-rolls for the most convenient way to taste this legendary strain.


Kinglato is a newer cultivar from The Cure Company that has devilishly high THC and flavor. It is a cross between The Cure Company’s own Curelato and High Octane. This cross gives it a unique terpene profile all its own. It mixes the creamy sweetness of Gelato with the skunky funk of OG. Kinglato might make a great balance between head and body high with potentially calming effects.


Curelato, also known as Gelato #33, is a creamy sweet concoction from The Cure Company. It is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Its lineage gives the terpene profile its distinct minty aroma. The citrus and fruit flavors are a welcome addition to the creamy flavor profile. Curelato also potentially offers you a boost of energy to take you through your day. It might be ideal for those looking for that extra pep in their step. Curelato is another in the line of The Cure Company’s high standards for genetics.

Lava Cake

Lava Cake crosses Grape Pie with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies for a potentially deeply relaxing strain. It offers a smooth and sweet aroma that is easy on the senses. The thick, hazy smoke gives way to a luscious berry flavor. Lava Cake has both tart blueberry and sweet berry tastes that muddle nicely with the earthy aroma. Thanks to its Thin Mint GSC heritage you will also get hints of sweet mint. Lava Cake might lessen anxiety, increase appetite, and expand creativity with each toke.

Rainbow Fritz

The Rainbow Fritz strain is a part of The Cure Company’s collaboration with the renowned cultivator, Seed Junky Genetics. A cross between Rainbow Sherbet and Fritz, this might be your new favorite exotic strain. The nugs show off brilliant shades of green, orange, and gold. On the nose, you may pick up notes of fruit, mint, and doughy pepper. A few puffs might immediately relieve anxiety, reduce pain, uplift your spirits, and ready your body for rest.

5G Smalls

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, The Cure Company represents nearly its entire strain library with its 5G Smalls line. These are the B-buds that weren’t big enough for their premium eighths. Still boasting incredible potency and quality, these five-gram bags are some of our top-sellers. Find popular strains from The Cure Company like Fritz, Real OG, Kinglato, Alien OG, Biscotti Fritz, and more available in 5G Smalls.

Minis & Blendz

Many of The Cure Company’s most popular strains are available in their half-ounce Minis and Blendz. Minis are the smaller buds that didn’t make the cut for their 5G Smalls but still contain tremendous flavor and high cannabinoid counts. Blendz are their line of premium shake. For those looking for easy rolling material that’s still top-shelf quality, ask about The Cure Company’s 14-gram Blendz.

Originals are one of the lucky few dispensaries in all of California that receive The Cure Company’s products first. Customers can trust that any new products they’re talking about online will be available at our dispensary in downtown LA the minute they drop. Visit our online menu to find out what’s in stock and place an order for pick-up.

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